Audio Evening Prayers

Apologies for no prayer again tonight. Pastor is in hospital with a liver infection.  Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you!  Vanessa


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Apologies for no prayer led by Pastor tonight as he is busy with funeral preparations.
We do ask that you would instead keep us and his family in your prayers, as well as the families involved in the funerals this week.  There was a huge storm front that went through a number of states in the US today (our time) causing extensive damage. Currently a million people are without power and the full effects are not yet known. His family on the farm was able to shelter in their basement, but all of the farm properties suffered damage to the sheds and grain bins as well as numerous trees uprooted and one of their garden sheds ended up in a neighbour’s property. Another one of his sisters had a tree fall on her house. We are very grateful that none of them were hurt, but it will obviously take a while for a lot of people to recover from this devastation.
We thank you for your love and spiritual support.   Vanessa


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Christ, mighty Savior,
Light of all creation,
you make the daytime
radiant with the sunlight
and to the night give
glittering adornment,
stars in the heavens.

Now comes the day’s end
as the sun is setting;
mirror of daybreak,
pledge of resurrection;
while in the heavens
choirs of stars appearing
hallow the nightfall.

Therefore we come now
evening rites to offer,
joyfully chanting holy
hymns to praise you,
with all creation
joining hearts and voices
singing your glory.

Give heed, we pray you,
to our supplication;
that you may grant us
pardon for offenses,
strength for our weak hearts,
rest for aching bodies,
soothing the weary.

Though bodies slumber,
hearts shall keep their vigil,
forever resting in
the peace of Jesus,
in light or darkness
worshipping our Savior
now and forever.